The Company


The philosophy of COURIS G. BROS S.A. Company is summarized briefly in the Latin motto

Primus Inter Pares

which means first among equals

The primary concern of our philosophy is to become more competitive and professionals than our equal competitors, whom we certainly respect and count on.

We apply this philosophy based on three pillars: Quality-Price-Speed. Thus, we consider as a success of our philosophy, our ability to provide our customers with high-quality products, at the right price and speed and reliably by utilizing all our flexible internal structures composed by competent manpower selected for this purpose. Therefore, our aim is our products and our human capital to meet, if not exceed, the expectations of our customers and suppliers. All these are achieved with persistent efforts for continuous improvement through investment in functions, infrastructure, equipment and proposals for new and innovative products..

Οur direct strategic objective for the future development of the company is to extend our strategic partnerships with internal and external suppliers aiming at the same time in expanding our supplied services combined with increased turnover.

Commercial Origins in Kefalonia

The year 1924 (the year of the 1st Hellenic Republic proclamation) is the landmark date for the commencement of COURIS G. BROS S.A commercial activity. With its founding roots on the Ionian island of Kefalonia, the first generation of 5 brothers is implementing its commercial vision which initially focuses on the production of feta cheese and other cheese products by collecting milk from all Kefalonia dairy farmers.

In 1936 the informal until then company is converted to a General Partnership company based in Argostoli and establishes a branch office in Piraeus. In 1972 it is denatured in S.A. and transfers its headquarters to the central market of Piraeus.

Creativity and commercial establishment

Since 1972, the company has been running its most creative trading period, with the second generation holding growth reins. Understanding the ever-increasing needs of the Greek trading world, Stavros & Pantelis Kouris broaden the vision of the company by incorporating the collection and standardization of Olive Oil and seed oils in its commercial activity. Solely aiming in offering high nutritional value products to the Greek food market, they designed, introduced and promoted olive oil and seed oils under the brand name "KALO". Before long, "KALO" will become synonymous with quality products and very successful among the Greek wholesale circles.

Foreseeing the new dietary habits of the Greek consumer, the company expands its food business by starting in 1978 the first imports of cheese and dairy products from European countries such as Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany at a representative level of the largest European houses. This move proved to be of particular strategic importance to the company’s future activity, with the products imported to find an immediate response to the Greek consumers and to define the identity of the company today.

Modern Structures and Creative Development Perspective

The development of COURIS G. BBROS S.A. company since 1924 to its present form and the high position it holds in the consciousness of the Greek food market, is the result of the uninterrupted, laborious and creative effort of two generations of traders through adverse conditions.

Holding a remarkable commercial heritage, the successive third generation of 3 young people and their partners is called upon to continue, in the most realistic way, the vision and philosophy of a whole family: that is a constant commitment to its work and subject. The current flexible structure and the excellent organization of COURIS G. BROS S.A. have promoted it to a well-established and modern trading company that has a significant and comparative advantage since it has the ability to provide full high quality food services to all its customers on a nationwide scale.

This potential results from the presence of a privately-owned truck fleet that handles and delivers daily its products all over Greece, plus to its 30 employees covering the needs of its customer base and the existence of a well-organized network of provincial representatives who care for the privileged promotion, placement and distribution of its products throughout the Greek territory.

  • 1924Establishment

    Establishment of the company with the aim to produce and trade feta cheese.
  • 1936Τransformation into a GP

    The company is transformed into a GP and develops commercial activity through its branch office in Piraeus.
  • 1972 Conversion into S.A.

    The company is converted into S.A. based in Piraeus and enters the standardization and marketing of olive oil under the brand name "KALO".
  • 1978Import of European products

    The company first imports and trades European dairy and milk products.
  • 1991Ag. Ioannis Rentis

    The company is relocated to the area of the Ag. Ioanni Rentis, in storage warehouses of 1200m²
  • 2004Mandra, Attika

    The company acquires modern privately owned facilities of a total size of 3,500 m² in the area of Mandra, Attica.


Ensuring the high quality of our products and services to our customer base is one of the cornerstones of our corporate management. High quality for our company means:

  • Strict selection criteria of partners and producers.
  • Strict selection criteria and control of production processes and finished products.
  • Strict control criteria of the supply chain quality at all its stages starting from the product and raw materials reception, storage and distribution, moving to correct order reception and registration, and up to the systematic organization of loading and dispatching clients orders..

In order to ensure the realization of all the above mentioned, we have chosen our company to implement a HACCP quality assurance system and be certified according to ISO 22000. Our Quality System is based on ongoing audits, staff training and the selection of reliable suppliers.

Operating in strict quality frameworks, it is no coincidence that COURIS G. BROS SA currently represents some of the largest European dairy producers exclusively in the Greek market and maintains exclusive partnerships for the distribution of the brands of major European companies such as: